Mino Mora

Mino Mora fashion brand was created in 1987 in Pontevedra. A company focused on designing modern and beautiful collections for an attractive and natural woman.

Reflecting through our clothes a perfect balance between modern and classic, we presents our collections at the fashion shows in Madrid, Paris, Moscow and Düsseldorf.

The knowledge acquired by the designer over the years allows the human team to have a global vision of the creation process, making us the best critics of our own work.

Throughout this more than 25 years in the fashion industry, the brand has been building customer loyalty and achieved recognition from the industry.

Participation in Trade: MOMAD Metropolis Ifema Paris, Who's next Paris Fair, CPM Collection Premiere Moscow and The Gallery Düsseldorf.

Commercial Network

We currently have a strong presence in international markets.

While regarding Spain as our home market, we also operate in France, Italy, Russia and Mexico. By continuously expanding and diversifying our distribution network, we continue to expand our company's brand into new markets.

Core Values

From the start of the firm in 1987, we were aware that creating successful collections passed through the knowledge of our audience. It is necessary to know the modern woman in order to design clothes for her. This implies a strong commitment to renovation by adapting to the present.

Since the beginning of the company, design has been at the core of the strengths of Mino Mora, always betting on the latest trends. The brand has always been aware of clothing as a form of self-expression for whomen, seeking elegance without sacrificing spontaneity.

Quality is the hallmark of the brand thanks to the latest technology applied that enables monitoring of the entire production process, from the selection of fabrics to the last finishing touches.

ERDF programme

This company forms part of the "Galicia Exporta Empresas2016" programme
Operation part-financed by the European Regional Development Fund
ERDF Operational Programme for Galicia 2014 to 2020
Galicia Exporta Empresas 2016 programme

To support the internationalization process, MINO MORA, S.L. has received a grant from IGAPE in order to participate in the "Galicia Exporta Empresas 2016" programme, part-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the ERDF Operational Programme for Galicia 2014 to 2020.

European Regional Development Fund, a way of making Europe

The main objective of the "Galicia Exporta Empresas 2016" programme is to encourage and support the export capacity of galician companies and capturing of trade markets.